About Us

LeadFlow Consulting is run by Hayden with a team of five people. Together they boast a combined experience of 25 years in the marketing world. 

Our team is based in Plymouth and currently serves clients across several industries in the UK. 


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I started 7Parrots in January 2017 with one simple goal: to help people hit their goals and in turn, increase the quality of their lives. We all have goals, and places we want to be in 5 years time. I wanted to be the vehicle to help them get there. And I strongly believe that we are that. 

The future of business is online, and I noticed that many businesses out there are woefully unprepared to capture this trend. Instead, they rely on their current form of doing business - while business simply swims past them and into the welcoming arms of their competitors. 

However, many people have been stung by what I call 'vanity' marketing agencies - that neither bring you sales or give you an extra footing in your market. As a result, many business owners think that marketing doesn't work and isn't for their business. 

There's a few reasons why this happens. The main issue is that a lot of agencies concentrate on what looks pretty, instead of concentrating on what's important - designing something that converts visitors into customers.